ACME Inspection Services LLC


Below are some of the areas that we inspect:


· The main emphasis is focused on looking for defects in the structure - foundations, walls, floors, ceilings, roof framing.

· Roof covering including type of materials, flashings, skylights, gutters and down pipes;

· Problems with the infrastructure, both installation and deterioration.

· Plumbing including water piping hot and cold, drainage, venting, gas piping, kitchen and
bathroom fixtures and fittings, laundry hookups; 

· Electrical including Main service panel, sub panels, wiring and outlets;  


· Heating including the heating equipment, ducting, registers, electrical and fuel supply and thermostat; 

· Cooling including cooling equipment, ducting, registers electrical supply and thermostat; 

· Garage including fire separation, electrical systems, main door operation and auto opener; 

· Built-in appliances including water heater, disposal, stove, dishwasher, mechanical vents.

· General items include exterior and interior wall coverings, doors, windows;
Jeff Knipping
ACME Inspection Services, LLC